Individuality First!

That's the spirit of the film score instruction and advanced training at the musicube academy.

The courses of instruction offer preparatory classes, vocational and continuing education, and bachelor or master's degrees for musicians, audio technicians, sound designers, and anyone who wants to become professionally involved in the film music industry.

Developing your own capabilities of artistic expression and the acquisition of the necessary technical skills are the goals of our instruction. The training is based in practice: actual composition and production of music for films are key elements of the courses of study.

Working on national and international film projects and the resulting networking with filmmakers is part of the program.

Classes are taught in small groups, and each program is highly tailored to ensure the participants' varying levels of expertise at the start of the training can be accounted for.

The teaching concept of the musicube academy is unique and has been developed from industry experience. It combines musical composition with the application of the latest studio technology in a practice-oriented setting for creating film scores.

The entire course catalog is available online in our Virtual Classroom for participants outside of Germany.

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